How do you feel today?

@Lucky12 (770)
United States
April 10, 2009 9:42am CST
This is another fun question? I wanna know how eeryone is feeling. Are you sick, tired, sad, What? i am very in between happy and sad actually. My day is going okay. Im just so so right now, but ir might all change later. Let me know your thoughts and thank you for posting.
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• United States
10 Apr 09
i am pi**ed off today because of my husband.
@Porcospino (18426)
• Denmark
10 Apr 09
I am a little sad today, because two of my friends told me that they can't come to my wedding, but my other friends and my relatives will be there, and I try focus on that instead. My fiance and I have started making plans for the party, and we are talking a lot about it at the moment. At the same time I am a little restless and frustrated, because I want to write a couple of short stories and I can't seem to get started. I try but I usually end up deleting it all in the end. Maybe I will manage to write something tomorrow
@gracie04 (4555)
• Philippines
10 Apr 09
I'm feeling kind of bored.. there's nothing to do much here at our flat.. we went out a while ago and ate at a fast food chain.. i've ordered for pancit canton and tofu while hubby had halo halo petit and butchi.. all i've mentioned were chinese foods except for halo halo.. after eating, we went home as all malls were closed(for the observance of lenten season).. tomorrow, malls will be opened again but we don't have plans of going out as we are saving up to pay our condo rental, association dues, electric and water bills and internet fees...
@springs (926)
• India
10 Apr 09
aahhh!!!! Today is somewhat sleepy ,and i don't want to go to the office today,i just wanted to sleep for the whole day .But i hadn't happened ,boss called,so went to that lazy office lazily.
10 Apr 09
I'm feeling okay too but a bit bored so I might try and make money online. Not sure what to do with myself today. Have a nice day:)