the meaning of internet

@rocketsky (1014)
April 10, 2009 9:54am CST
most people came online for some money ,some are for fun ,only alittle came her for learning sth ,it seems alittle bit strange for me . today internet has became a bery popular and convenient tool for people to do different online activites and do each other'business ,some use it to make some extra bulks ,some use it to chat with people from different parts of the world ,some use it to play computer games ,only a few of us make full advantage of it to learn sth that really help him or her to make progress on certain filed . I am here ,dear friend, to tell you and honestly recommended that you ,and me ,we all need to do sth real and meaningful here ,not only for money ,but to make true friends and learn sth really helpful. that is the true meaning of internet ,I think so what do you think if internet? do leave your suggestions .
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• Brazil
10 Apr 09
I'm a internet addict I can't live without it, when something happens with my computer, I get really upset, like this week my keyboard stop working and I had just bought it a couple months ago, now it's working again, but sometimes out of nowhere it just stop working! I need to buy a new one...
• India
10 Apr 09
so many people addicted in internet... most people working in internet earning purpose also... the outsourcing process done in good....
@Porcospino (18796)
• Denmark
10 Apr 09
I think that there are many great things about the internet. Communication had become a lot easier and faster. It easier to keep in touch with old friends and it is easier to meet new friends from around the world. I often use the internet to chat with my friends and or write emails to them. It has also become very easy to find information about any topic, and that is a great thing. The internet can also be used as a way to make money, I enjoy making a bit of extra cash, but to me that is not the most important part of the internet.
• India
10 Apr 09
people to like in internet...those people like work hard in internt purpose also...