Angina ! - Quite painful, cardiac problem.
April 10, 2009 11:29am CST
Have anybody faced an Anginal Pain,followed by Hospitalization?Can You describe the Pain & following incidences?What did the Drs advise you?What drugs are You taking?What other precautions? Mylotters,pl participate...
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17 Apr 09
My opinion is that I need to read more opinions about it before I can really make a judgement of my own!
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19 Apr 09
Hi, Good! =lahiri,Kolkata.
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10 Apr 09
symptoms of angina? Although they vary from person to person, these are the typical symptoms: •A sharp or dull pain, tightness, pressure, or burning sensation in the chest, arms, jaw, or back (These symptoms often occur during physical exertion, emotional stress, or eating.) •Tingling, aching, or numbness in the elbows, arms, or wrists (especially your left arm) •Shortness of breath •Perspiration •Nausea How is it treated? Nitroglycerin placed under the tongue is the usual medication for an attack of angina: It helps dilate blood vessels so more blood can reach the heart. Nitroglycerin is also available in pill or patch form to prevent symptoms. (Anyone taking nitroglycerin should avoid using Viagra (sildenafil), as a serious drop in blood pressure could result.) After you've undergone a full evaluation, your physician may prescribe other medications, such as beta blockers and calcium channel blockers, that can help prevent angina as well. You may also benefit from learning stress-reduction techniques such as meditation or relaxation exercises.
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19 Apr 09
Hi, Quite elaborative. What about ACEI?Aspirin?Statin?forLongterm treatment? =Lahiri,Kolkata.