Are u aware how water therapy works ?

April 10, 2009 11:41am CST
Water is an important aspect of our life,we use it on everyday basis to cook drink,bath and for lot more other purposes.But many of us never bother much about amount of water intake. It's really important for us to take certain amount of water on every day basis. This is called water therapy. Water therapy makes wonders in life.Many of them after following the water therapy for few months they have experienced alot of positive changes in their health, skin. Even i came to know this very recently. It even helps in shedding down the weight. you can only beleive this after u start practicing. It's very easy and costs zero to follow this water it here we just use the normal drinking water and nothing else to buy or add. YEs only water. Early morning after u get up from the bed and even before brushing the teeth ofcoure we can just clean the mouth with water but without paste. Take 1-2 lts of water. Don't try to take it 2lts on the 1st day itself. just try to increase the water intake day by day. May be within a fortnight u will be able to take 2lts at atime After drinking water nothing else should be taken till 2 hrs. You can do your excercises after an hour. The main changes noticed by following this water theropy are feel fresh for the wholeday, you will really find the diff in ur skin. Glowing skin,helps in good digestion,it also helps in curing a lot of health problems, the best part is it helpa in weight loss too.
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