i am very mad

United States
April 10, 2009 4:15pm CST
i am very mad my husband went to a diffrent state to fix a deck for a guy he knows thats a part of his own bissness , but what makes me mad is he went straight from his other job at 10 .a.m and didnt stop by the house to say good bye to the kids when i talkied to him on the phone he said he was going to call later i told him thats not the same thing and told him i know what is more important to him and hung up on him then awhile later i text him telling him i hope the money was worth it to him and that i was very p+ssed off but of corse he didnt replay, if he calls me later i am not going to answer the phone because i dont want to talk to him , if he texts i am not going to reply, but i dont think he will so i wont hear from hi, until some time sunday because i am not going to answer the phone when he calls and i am not going to answer any of his texts , he had to go to west va and do a job so thats all he needs to worry about and he can take the money and shuve it where the sun dont shine.
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