love just aint enough!

@n30wing (4771)
April 11, 2009 4:41am CST
Will you love someone who has a different religion? Well I never been in a situation like this. But if does well we rather compromise if not in the end it will not be us. The question will always be who will be converted is it me or her. But do have some friends who got married who is not the same religion and got married first in civil. I think it's a neutral place for both of them to get married first in civil wedding. Anyway have a nice day to all of you!
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• Philippines
12 Apr 09
I haven't been inlove to the right person. I don't think I can convert to different religion. I have a cousin who got inlove with a girl with different religion. His mother is against their marriage that's why they are still live-in relationship. I don't want to have a gap between my parents and my love one.
@n30wing (4771)
• Philippines
14 Apr 09
Hi jralivio511, I think it's really true what you said. But there are also exception to the rule. But usually these couples just get married in civil then in church. I think it's being neutral for both parties. Anyway the ywill have their own life and making their own family. Have a nice day to you!
• Malaysia
15 Apr 09
i don't mind loving someone with a different religion. sometimes this comes naturally, we can't force it. if you truly love someone then language, culture, race, religion or any other matters, should not be an issue or barrier. i've seen and heard many people who date other people that's not the same race as them and they are happy together. But i guess when in an inter-cultural or inter-racial relationship, the couple must know that they might face problems or that there are people who wouldn't approve of their relationship. they have to work together and stand by each other to try to overcome the problem. if they love each other, then they would not mind the obstacles that they have to go thru. but if only one of them is willing to preserve the relationship, then it could be difficult. i don't have anything against inter-racial relationship, in fact i admire those who are in that kind of relationship, and how their strength, courage and love for each other made their relationship possible.