Animals need to learn!

United States
April 11, 2009 5:07am CST
Honestly--I've been up a half hour through no choice of my own (damn back!) and now I want to go back to sleep BUT they won't shut up! One I think is a really noisy squirrel, but the other is possibly a whipperworl (or however you spell it!). Honestly, can't we just train animals to realize some of us would LIKE to sleep!
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@mira91 (987)
• Singapore
11 Apr 09
hahaha, that must have been frustrating for you, not to be able to get back to sleep. Why don't you use those earplugs thongy to block out the noise? Anyway i think it'd be great if we could train animals but i highly doubt so...I guess some animals are trainable while others just needs to be left alone or tolerated.^_^ take care~
• United States
11 Apr 09
In this case, the animal responsible actually should know better! Turns out it's a CD my roommate is playing in his computer! I was so tired I didn't notice it getting louder when I went downstairs, but I thought it was 'too perfect'! I'll mention it too him when I see him--I think he's so used to being alone that he doesn't think about anyone else! There he is now...