Right & Wrong or Good & Evil

@mhil84 (182)
April 11, 2009 8:11am CST
I always thought off Right & Wrong and Good & Evil as different morals because: If on person killed another person in self defense it would be wrong not because the first killed the second but just because the second died but from the point of veiw of good & evil it would be good or fine the circumstances would negate the death. In Right & Wrong it's up to the person to decide what to do but sometimes the person has no way or want to take the right choice. In Good & Evil the morales themselves tell the person what to do but they aren't iron clad a persons veiw of the world can be twisted till evil becomes all the person can see or do. anyone agree disagree, please share your opinion here...
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@gaaara (19)
• United Arab Emirates
12 Apr 09
i now what is rite for me and wrong u should decide it on ur own
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@Ritz100 (1119)
• Spain
11 Apr 09
What a fantastic discussion. The way I see it, there are no opposites. right/wrong, good/evil, black/white, they are just all two sides of the same coin. What is good today can be considered evil tomorrow, what I see as a right act (at a time) might be seen as a wrong act by someone with a totally different upbringing, creed, religion or belief. For example, some buddhist monks sweep the floor they sleep on (whilst sleeping) of insects so that they do not crush a life. Is that "too" right? And if you dont do that, have they the right to consider you acting "wrong!"
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