What will you do while you are unhappy?

@yinmm007 (605)
April 11, 2009 8:50am CST
While i am unhappy i like to chat with my best friends.I tell they why i am unhappy and they usually give me some advice.After talk with others i can forget all unhappy things and feel happy again.But sometimes when i was alone i felt sorrowful again. What about you?What will you do if you are unhappy?Share your experience with us.
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@poohgal (6848)
• Singapore
17 Apr 09
When I am unhappy, I'll run!! Running with rock music is the best way to de-stress. I will also watch my favorite shows to cheer myself up. I don't really like to hang out with friends when I'm down as I do not wish to affect them with my problems.
• United States
17 Apr 09
Hi, thanks for posting. I need to read more opinions about it before I can really make a judgement of my own,
• China
11 Apr 09
I also will talk with my family members,especially my mom.Because she is very kind.She will give me some suggestions and tell me how to do.sometimes I Will go sports .this wil make me relax.
@dolcias (302)
• Egypt
11 Apr 09
sometimes i talk as you do,but mostly i work out so hard,i am not talking here about excercising adjusting my chemicals and hormones as said,it's just when i am angry,my anger always feels to me like a fuel i can use physically,so i take it out on working out so hard untill it's gone.
@Absinto (2398)
• Portugal
11 Apr 09
When i am unhappy i usually talk to a friend that i know will understand or that has been in the same situation so they can giveme advice. But if my problem is very big then i do what alot of people do... i drink to forget. I know i shouldn't but sometimes it does help.
• India
11 Apr 09
im just like u , i too talk to my best friend when im unhappy , she gives me good advices , and makes me fell like there is some one always behind me to support me .but sometimes when im not able yo chat with her i just remember the time we passed together , also i try to indulge myself into some activity so that while im busy i don't fell unhappy . sometimes when i fell like talking to my best friend and she is not around i write in my diary. if u think my advices were helpful pm me.
@Gladys22 (416)
• Philippines
11 Apr 09
i usually listening music, reading some books, watching movies comedy, texting, chatting, dance, eating, cause through this things i'll can figure out the unhappy.