manila ocean park entry fee too expensive...

April 11, 2009 9:22am CST
manila ocean park - one of the best in manila
last thursday, my hubby and i went to Manila Ocean park, just to unwind and curious if it's really beautiful as what i saw in tv commercials. it's really another exciting experience for us, when you see sharks and stingrays and other different kind of sea creatures up close, WOW!!, my only complain is that the price i think is a little too high for others to afford, the entry fee for adult is Php 400.00 and Php 350 for kids above 2ft. if they could lower it a little then maybe more and more regular-income earner can afford it (not only tourists and the rich or high earners) they can have more customers who will come to visit them, more viewers more income, isn't it? another thing when we go up to the 2nd floor of the building, coz we thought there are other fish exibits there, but none,so we try to return to the first floor to see the big aquaruium again, the guard won't let us, it was like a one way street.. we felt shortchanged for the fee we paid and not really enjoyed what we have paid for. do you think it's fair???