Toblerone Fruit and Nut !

April 11, 2009 10:15am CST
Oh My God ! I recently picked up the new flavor of Toblerone - Fruit and Nut , from Singaore Airport .. It was AWESOME ! out of the world .. So creamy and full of Nuts and Dry Fruits .. "Yumm" was the only description suitable . It was much better than the regular or the dark varieties . Also , I bought those hige 400 Gm bars , and the best part was , got 1 bar free on purchasing 3 of them , so , had an awesome time hogging on them . I think this chocolate becomes an all time favorite . Fererro Rocher is also another suprb chocolate , which melts in the mouth .. Have you tried Toblerone Fruit and Nut ? If you havent , please do so asap , you will love it ! Cheers
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• Portugal
12 Apr 09
I love chocolate... yammmm... yammmm... My God!.... fruit and nut... Toblerone, Ferrero Rocher it´s my favorite...
@cndn420 (2062)
• Canada
11 Apr 09
i didn't even know they had a new flavor out, it sounds interesting though. if i see it i'll definitely give it a try! thanks and yes, i agree with you about Ferrero Rocher, its one of my absolute favorite chocolates!!
• India
11 Apr 09
yum yum , i like both the brands of chocolate u talked here , it is pure pleasure , that one can have . unfortunately i haven't tasted the new flavor of tobleron , but now i would definitely purchase it . happy mylotting!!!