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United States
April 12, 2009 3:45am CST
alright I know that when you refer someone you get 25% of their earnings, so does that include what they get from their referrals, and what those referrals get from theirs? lets say a downline of 4 people the one at the bottom makes payout in a month, so the person who referred them would get $2.50 so does that mean that my referral would get approx 62 cents and then I would get approx 15 cents? mylot doesnt specify on the earnings page if you just get 25% of the users participation earnings, so I was just curious (I dont have a long downline to really be that concerned) but I'm trying to learn more about the site as I'm starting to use it more often
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@oyenkai (4398)
• Philippines
18 May 09
You will get only 25% of their PARTICIPATION EARNINGS, not their total earnings. If you referral had a referral and his total earnings (participation earnings + referral earnings+ = $2.50 then you would NOT get 0.25 x $2.50 but you will receive ($2.50 - referral earnings) x 0.25. Also this is computed daily and not monthly so if your referrals's participation earnings for one day is $0.1 then you will get $0.1 x 0.25 = $0.025 which when truncated will give you $.02 for that same day :) Thanks for the response on my discussion!
• Chennai, India
12 Apr 09
Not only in MyLot, but in any site which says like that, we earn the percentage of what our referrals directly earn. It doesn't include their referral earnings. If you go to your 'Earnings' page of myLot you can see two types of earnings. (Ignore the 'Tasks' for now) it will be like this: Participation : $xxxxxx (Earnings made by you from your own posts) Referrals : $yyyy (Your earnings from referrals) Your upline gets 25% of your own earnings (participation). The same applies to you and your referrals.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
12 Apr 09
I thought it just meant and equivalent to 25% of their earnings. Not sure about what they recieve from their referals.. My referals never have been active enough for me to tell. - DNatureofDTrain