A true story which happened in China's 5.12 big earthquake!

April 12, 2009 6:21am CST
Recently, a big earthquake happened in Italy,this issue recalled my memory of the big earthquake which happened in China.Now, I will tell you a story.This is a true story, when the big earthquake happened in Sichuan province, many moving stories also become well-known, but I think which I will tell you is the most moving one.... When the rescue worker found her, she was already dead because the house had collapsed.You can see the pose she was in when she died:she got down on her knees;the upper part of her body was bent forward;her hands held onto the ground for support.Her pose was somewhat like that of an ancient person performing a kowtow.However, her body was crushed out of shape, which appeared somewhat bizarre.The rescue worker stretched out his arm into the space of the ruins to confirm that she had already dead. Then, they shouted loudly several times,stricking the ruins several times with the crowbar, only to find there was no reaponse inside. When the crowd walked to next building, the leader of the rescue team ran back to the ruins.Meanwhile, he shouted, "come back,quickly."He squatted in front of the woman's body,exerting great effort to reach under the body with his hand.After a few minutes,he shouted:" there is a baby who is still alive." After painstaking effort,they carefully moved the ruins around the dead body away and found a baby lying underneath her body.The baby was wrapped in a small quilt.He was probably 3 or 4 months old. Because he was shielded by his mother,he had not been harmed.When he was broght out, he was still sleeping quietly. Everyone there felt very happy when they saw the baby sleeping soundly. When a doctor came, he untied the quilt and got ready to do a medical examination for the baby,he found a mobile phone was stuffed inside the quilt. The doctor glanced at the screen of the mobile phone and saw that there was a text message:Dear baby,if you survive, you must bear in mind that I LOVE YOU! The doctor, who often dealt with very sick people and had seen many patients die,bagan to cry. The mobile phone was passed from one person to another,everyone wept after seeing the text message.
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27 Jun 09
What a beautiful story. Out of so much pain and loss, to know that a mother was able to send a last message of love to her child. I truly hope that the family was able to save that text for the baby as it grew up. Thanks for sharing that lovely story with us!