Poor dog

April 12, 2009 11:38am CST
do not know how to describe the feeling.can be said to be fear.we see the two rooms,one is putting the dog had just received,and one is waiting to take a bath after the adoption of the dog.the first dog of the hell it is approximately 10 square meters is a circle,put the dog 10-20.do not see what they eat.i called to see the people,dressed to death,no one to give them a bath and to wash,however.i think they said the dogs in this room is waiting to die.to take a bath if they then hope that there may be students.i was dead six hours on three dogs,this is what i see do not see the do not know.after the death of a dog,other dogs are far from it,and each other to rely on packed together,rely on packed together,the eyes full of fear and hope.i really can not stand.cried several times to return the.in this way then the dog or the people trust.we embrace them all to come one by one,finished after a step in the never leave your side,put his second of the cage,they began to call,very much hope that we take them away. please be able to tell her friends dog adoption. if you raise a dog trying to please those who eagerly wait for the life of a small poor chance.
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@zhcy888 (256)
• China
16 Apr 09
Yes, we can find some vagabond dogs here and there, they are lost their hosts, very wretched, some of them were brought to adoption, and closed in the cage, they lost their liberty, it equals kill them, they will lose vital force gradually. It is a prison. So hope they will be set free, giving them liberty euqals giving them life.