What is a cheater?

April 12, 2009 2:33pm CST
I'm just confused, when will you consider a person is cheating on you? And how can you tell it? And what will you do? If your a cheater, how will we know if your cheating on us? In what particular thing or instances can we know it? I just want to have an idea regarding this matter. Thanks in advance!
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• Philippines
18 Apr 09
cheater is the one who is fooling other people even himself or herself ...but he she couldn't cheat the Maker. cheat is a bad habit and we should supposed to kill this kind of attitude..this is not really good to be practice...you can tell that the person is cheating on you if he she is trying to get something to you
@rocketsky (1014)
• China
14 Apr 09
we should learn how to judge a person who seems like a cheater . he may always say something good for you and you may believe him sometimes . a cheater will not give you anything ,but he will ask you for something