Do you have not responsive group mates?

April 13, 2009 1:40am CST
I'm having this project that is quite heavy going and needs a lot of discussing and brain storming. However, in my group of 6, 4 of them seems to be very unresponsive. I keep asking for a meeting and nobody replies. Work that is shared doesn't get done by the time slot. And the deadline is nearing. It's very frustrating as I am unable to cover for ALL of them because it's just way too much work to do. Have you ever encountered such things?
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13 Apr 09
yeah,, that kind of group mates is really great to cast away,,, imagine,,, they are just happy go lucky and getting to be a parasite,, that is really disgusting... i use to encounter this and it gives me headache,,,
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• Singapore
14 Apr 09
yea.. tell me about it man... i'm like so stressed
@alokn99 (5717)
• India
13 Apr 09
Yes, i too have come across situations like this in the past, where a few of the members of the group keep mum and do not add much to the situations. If i were the group lead, i would encourage them to talk and keep focussing much of the discussion for a few minutes towards them so as to try and get them to open up. However at the same time there would always be the type who would have no interest in the discussion and it can get quite difficult to get them engaged.