Life Is Beautiful If You Don't Expect Anything

April 13, 2009 11:15am CST
Main thing about different condition of life is that whenever yo expect anything from this side then you get embrassed from life. But if you don't expect anything then still you get something, which turns to be fruitful for you. This type of situation gives you lots of happiness. So I want to say either expect realistally or expect nothing. Because if you expect unrealistally, then your ambition not get be fulfilled. Then automatically you will be in frustration. Aprt from that if you also have some good experience then share here your view from your life experience.
3 responses
@mira91 (988)
• Singapore
13 Apr 09
Yea it's true what you say about expecting realistically....I guess if you expect a little too much out of your league, then you may very well say bye bye to that ambition...Of course you oculd work hard in fulfilling an ambition but well...Some things you just can't have yea...? ^_^
• India
14 Apr 09
I want to say one more thing if you are satisfied everytime then doing progress is very difficult. For achiveing goal we must be unsatisfied.
@ronharold (555)
• Philippines
13 Apr 09
Sometimes this happen. If you expect on man, it is probable that in the end you will be disappointed. But we trust in God and know Him intimately, then we can expect something on Him that can make life more appreciable because we know that there is a being that could meet or even surpass our expectations.
@Niah1976 (733)
• Philippines
13 Apr 09
YOu are right! When you expect less the lesser you will be frustrated. But the thing is each one of us have sometimes in one point or another set some unrealistic goal. It's free to have dreams anyways. THere's nothing wrong in dreaming big as long as you're not hurting others. Just also bear in mind that we mya fail but what is imporant is that we tried our best to fulfill our dreams. Happy my lotting to you!!!!