Can we be dissapointed by our dream or does our dream make us Blind ?

@jess07 (319)
April 13, 2009 2:38pm CST
i've never liked where I live, I've always felt the need to travel, get out of the country. I have a dream to go somewhere in particular,It's my dream But i'm scared, scared to be dissapointed. But can we be dissapointed ? Or does our dream make us blind to the fact that it's not up to our expectations ? Your views ?
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@marguicha (102375)
• Chile
13 Apr 09
Dear jess, I have discovered that if I don´t like where I am it will be difficult to find another place that I do like. When I feel that way it is because I´m not at ease with myself, there´s something bothering me inside and it expands to the outside. When I am in a bad mood nothing is up to my expectations because I don´t like myself. It´s hard to do, but you can try to see with better eyes the place where you live. I´m sure there are good and bad things. Why don´t you make a list? I once did and found out a lot about myself. LOL Take care