What is mistakes?

@mymaria (379)
April 14, 2009 4:09am CST
Foe me mistakes is what you have done wrong in you life. How about you?
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@cmy1004f (381)
• China
5 May 09
Mistaks means something make me get more trouble. For example, today I paid the price again for my careless. Because of forget to take the pastry this morning, I was very hungry when it was almost 4 p.m. in the afternoon. I only can saw others ate their snacks.
@dpk262006 (56482)
• Delhi, India
22 Apr 09
Mistake means doing something which is beyond the normal convention and rules. We often commit mistakes inadvertently and we keep learning from our mistakes. Our mistakes add to our experiences in life and we attain some kind of maturity by commiting mistakes.
@achinthya (1219)
• India
14 Apr 09
if you feel bad about what you have done and repent later than I think we can say that we have done a mistake....feel sorry about what we have done..