My first gaming...

April 14, 2009 7:33am CST
This is the first video game I have played in my life. Among all the members of my family, I am the champion. Though there are lot of versions came out in this game, I love to play the oldest version, which I played in tele vision
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• United States
14 Apr 09
My first videogame was pong. Then I went out and got the Atari 2600. I was hooked after that. I still dust of the Atari once in a while for some nostalgic fun.
• United States
14 Apr 09
My first gaming experience was playing Defender on the Atari. For the time that was a lot of fun. Also Missile Command, Pong, and a few others I can't remember right now. A great start for the gaming generation right there and it's just gotten better. Can't wait for this year's gaming revelations and releases.
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• Brazil
7 Jun 09
My first game doesn't be mario, because i had a Mega Drive when i was a child. Later i had gotten a SNES, and there was the time to play mario. Between All, is the most game who have created.
@jovz07 (648)
• Philippines
28 May 09
this is also the first game i played. i love it even though its old. i like the super mario sunshine version. but i haven't beat it.. and i also played and beat the paper mario right now im waiting for new releases..