How much money do You earn from ebay or other online sales?

Hong Kong
April 14, 2009 10:49am CST
I just wonder if people do make money online these days,because I have listed over 50 listings on ebay(just to test if I should open up an ebay store or not)and only 13 sold.After the cost,shipping charge,fees to ebay and paypal. Then I found out I've only made USD $80-90 after over 2 weeks work. I don't know if I wasn't doing what I need to do,or selling on ebay is just as hard. If anyone can share,pls reply. :
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@gemini_rose (16193)
14 Apr 09
The trouble with ebay now is that they have become greedy over how much they want, it is very hard to make decent profit on their now. I find that I make more profit on their by selling things that I have not had to pay for or things that are second hand. Other than that I am considering trying another site similar to ebay instead. Its a shame because I used to make some great profit from ebay. If I am honest with you unless you have something that is a good regular seller on there then I would not consider opening a shop because then you have to pay more out a month on your shop fees, unless they take less off you in listing and selling fees.
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@busyB4 (875)
• United States
14 Apr 09
Yes Ebay has gotten where their fees keep going up. I still like to shop them though and need to put some things on there. Before I list I try to see what type of things have bids on them. If not many bids in that category you might want to hold off a little while before listing till it is a more popular item. Good luck to you!
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• Hong Kong
14 Apr 09
The problem is I can't list most of the popular item because of the stupid VeRO policy.I sell authentic designer perfume,makeup and clothes,Ebay keeps removing my listings,just a waste of time.But too bad i can't find other sites that is popular as ebay.
@kodigo (171)
• Philippines
16 Apr 09
If you tend to earn using eBay. Its not for you. But if you make ebay just for fun and sell your interests, then you might as well earn while enjoying eBay. Or maybe selling stuff is not your inclination. I'm a solid buyer from ebay. I purchase used high quality products in auctions and once it arrive I sell them locally. For some reasons, I just noticed that I'm earning out of it. Just my 2 cents
• Hong Kong
17 Apr 09
Yes, That's a good point.I consider myself lucky if I didn't lose money on ebay. It's so hard to sell and make money from ebay nowadays.