I will pay you for a working under me as my referal in best PTC Neobux!!!

April 14, 2009 11:03am CST
People ask so many times: is this a scam , is worth to invest, what is best PTC... Believe, it took me 2 weeks to choose the one....and i have chosen from first time best.... I do not need to lie...Just read Neobux forum, hundreds people cash out without delays...They invest, they profit, it's not dumb PTC, it like hobby brainminded... I am there for a 1.5 month, invested 140 buks, money are coming back to me....There is no easy money on the net, as there is fast Profit, but it workssssss....and i am happy!! My proposal: Do not waste time for other scams...like bux.to...Come and become member of neobux throught my link....You will profit from Neobux and from me---Yes, i will pay you personally for working there 1 $ after each 200 clicks ..... So come, register and then registered, come each day, click ads....when will reach 200 clicks, 1 $ from me....and so on. Register throught my page: http://must-read.webs.com And PLEASE: enable there personal messages, so i could contact and proove i am honest person....It is nescessary to enable, because i will not be able to send your payment to paypal. Best regards, i will contact you at once after your registration in neobux throught my page...enable PM's.
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