Do you have many penpals ?

@greenline (14864)
April 14, 2009 3:47pm CST
Email is the way these days to communicate and keep in touch. But, some places may not have access to email. So, snailmail is still the way. I have some penpals I write the usual snailmails. And, besides, it is nice to write letters to be informed of each other, how things are , how life is going. Do you have many penpals ? Do you write letters, snailmail ?
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@Emma30587 (402)
14 Apr 09
Hey! I have penpals and I much prefere snail mail. Email takes the fun out it in my opinion. I have a few penpals from around the all. I'll admit I found all my penpals online but I still prefere the snail mail! is a great website for finding new penpals :) Emma :)
14 Apr 09
Sorry my computer played up then! That should of said I have penpals from all around the world :)
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
14 Apr 09
Hello Emma. That's very nice. I have penpals from a number of countries too. Very nice sincere people !
@Opal26 (17690)
• United States
15 Apr 09
Hey greenline! Do you want to be my penpal? lol I only write to my mother by snailmail! And that is only because she doesn't have a computer or want to know anything about them! Otherwise I communicate by email or phone! My friends prefer the more direct routes! Most of my friends that are not on mylot I speak to on the phone! Mylot friends I email! But, if someone wants my phone number that is fine with me! Sometimes my digits get tired too! But, my mouth~never does!