United States
April 14, 2009 4:56pm CST
As I sit here on my first day off after 4 12 hour days i wonder just what life is all about. I spend more time at work with the guys there than with my family. Then I remember No work no house, no food. I am one of the fortunate in America as I do have a Job in these tough times. Life happens and we want it to happen fast, we want it right now. We as a society are moving at a fast pace, long work hours, fast food, and hardly time to stop and breath. When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses along the way. When was the last time you stopped and thought about what your really wanted? Are we really enjoying life and getting everything out of it that we deserve? I say its time to give ourselves a little credit and say ya know I have attracted a lot of good things in my life and I am ready to attract more. starting today I am going to stop and smell the rose along the way become clear on what I want, listen to my heart, rid my self of the fear, and find my true purpose in life. Its time to get the positive thinking flowing and take control of the situation.
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@rocketsky (1014)
• China
15 Apr 09
what is life ,what is people ,people and life are always the most hard question for us . life sometimes got bored and people sometimes get bored of life ,we need to forget about something and move on
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@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
14 Apr 09
yeh it makes you wonder, after losing so many special people in life over the past few years, I believe in less work and more time with the important parts of my life...sometimes i think people work on as if we are here for many people I know worked so hard and passed away so young....I say take more time for yourself...tomorrow may never come...sad but true.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
15 Apr 09
I do not see why instead of laying People off. They can not get the people together. The One who want to work Longer than 8 hrs a day get them the extra hours if they can handle the job and its safe to do so and the ones who want to work less than that a day get them all together... Then the ones that want to work but can not handle working Every day. There are bipolars out there who are great workers smart and able to do it but they need to have extra days off because of their mood swings and not able to function. Instead of laying people off who want the work... Find out the people who want more days off.. and those who can afford it.. Give them shorter work days and those who need it and want it longer work days.. Instead of laying off and firing they need to put more options into the world days, the sick days, offer break days.. or family days as well as holidays.. I do not have a job I can not seem to get hired no matter what I do... I spent to much time with family.... others are yeling. I want to spend more time with my family, and I am yelling Get me away from my family! :) ... Sometimes we focus on the wrong thing. Happiness comes without but the work and Family balance is really off balance.. They need to fix the workdays and schedules for the different types of people out there. Some love working 12-15 hrs days others love working three. I do not see why they can not schedule in a way to balance it so people can work the hours they are comfortable with and need, as well as get the days off they need to still be human and not automated machines. Positive thinking is seriously needed at this time. :) . I am trying to remain positive as I work the internet sites to save my home.. And I am trying to focus on what I will do if I loose it.. Maybe I'll buy a railroad car to live in and pay the railroad to haul it around once every 2 years lol. :) .. I dunno. Gotta be something out there for me :) .- DNatureofDTrain