I've got a silence voice..how about you?

@cuttyrish (2662)
United States
April 14, 2009 11:43pm CST
the voice in my head is louder than me, i do not know, is that i am not the person who blurts out her opinions in the instance that easily. i am finding ways on how i can transform the voice inside my head into actions, i find it hard, since i am a shy person and i am usually scared that people might not accept my ideas. this silent voice i have is more confident than me, and got alot of ideas that want to share, but i just find it hard to express it. ... how about you, do you also have a silent voice? or are there instances that you tend to be silent, even if you have lots of ideas?
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@Theresaaiza (9696)
• Australia
15 Apr 09
Hi rish, you used a very nice term, "silent voice". I recognize that voice in my head too. My mind seems to have so much to say but my mouth just can't blurt them out. There are many reasons why. For one, I am afraid to get in trouble for things I have said. Once said, you can't take them back anymore. I admire people who can speak their mind and don't give a dam* whatever the consequences may be, but at least they have said their piece and let it out instead of keeping them in. Speaking is an art you need to learn. Sometimes, it is better to let a few out so they won't get pent-up and result to a lot of psychological problems.
@cuttyrish (2662)
• United States
25 Apr 09
i never thought about it that way, but speaking is an art, i would definitely want to learn about it..thanks for your response.. happy myLotting.!
• Australia
26 Apr 09
Well I hope you'll finally find a way to master the art of speaking. Thanks for the BR by the way.