why and how do we understand these things???

@mz_Ira (1091)
April 14, 2009 11:50pm CST
I bet it's difficult to be a leader of the group or a member. But as always, situations should always be taken into consideration to have a successful outcome. Im so clueless..Why do we need to learn this factors? I mean isnt getting along well with others enough? Why? How? would you understand and take account these: * Expectations *Authority of your co-workers in every 1. decision and 2.actions that you do as your job role
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@DCMerkle (1281)
• United States
15 Apr 09
mz_Ira, In any situation where there is a large group of people with differing opinions, it is hard to try to please all the people/ The thing that I try to remember is that if I am not the leader, then it's the leader's wishes that I will try to follow. I've been president of community groups and committees. It's hard to please everyone there because they are so set in their ways in how something was done with a previous leader. No one likes change, but change can still be done if it is done gradually. DCMerkle