Do you like reading poetries or rhymes written by common people????

@tuyakiki (3026)
April 15, 2009 6:16am CST
Hi All!!!!!!!!! This poetry below is amazing.Do you like reading poetries or rhymes written by common people???? I thought of sharing this with you.I would have written this poetry!!!! [u][i]Friendship Never Ends [/u] We were in garden when we became friends we made a promise we'd be friends till the end playing on the playground swinging on the swings next thing we know we'd be teens Telling secrets, talking about boys Growing up, getting rid of all our toys Talking to each other on the phone Knowing that we'd never be alone Your the person I can tell everything and you wouldn't laugh at me when I tried to sing I could always be a dork with you And you could be a dork with me too And even when we had our fights Some how we knew everything would be alright Ya, sure we had our ups and downs We shared our smiles and our frowns But no matter what we stayed friends You were here through the thick and thin I love you more then words can say and I wish you never had to go away Even though you can't be here I thank God for all the years that we got to spend together our friendship I will always Treasure![/i] Thank you!!
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@Porcospino (18396)
• Denmark
16 Apr 09
I enjoy reading many different kinds of poetry. There are a couple of famous poets that I like very much and I enjoy reading their poems, but sometimes I prefer to read poetry written by common people. I am a member of an online forum where people from my country can create discussions or post their own poetry. Many commom people post their poems on this forum and I always enjoy to read the things that people post. There are many different kinds of poems and some of them are better than others, but I always enjoy the the poems and the comments by other people.
@Citychic (4078)
• United States
15 Apr 09
Do you like reading poetry and rhymes by common people? Yes, I enjoy reading poetry, prose and rhymes by common everyday people. I think the one below was great. I also love to write a few of my own...... I try to keep them all together and one day I hope to have them all published and put into a book. Here is a little sample of what I am talking about. Just an ordinary day! Today was just an ordinary day. The time dragged by, Nothing much to do or say. So here is how I spent my day. Searching the web, Seeking out new opportunities. Hoping something would come my way. Finally I came by this site. I found a few things that interested me, what a delight. Heard we could talk about anything up here. So I guess I"ll spend my time, reading poetry and just chill. Making new friends and getting paid is a real treat. Hope to hear from you all soon, right now I gotta go eat.
• India
15 Apr 09
I like reading rhymes but I read only popular rhyme which have very good wordings. similarly I like novels of good author as well.