Rude waitresses

United States
April 15, 2009 11:03am CST
I can not believe how rude some people are. My boyfriend and I went to dinner last weekend( we were unable to see each other all week due to his job). We went to a nice quiet little place to eat, catch up with each other. The waitress would not stop coming buy us and start talking. I would put a fork full of food in my mouth and she would ask me a question, She would do the same thing to him also. I understand that she needs to check to make sure we are ok, but this was ridiculous. Don't people understand that when people go out to eat they want to enjoy themselves, not be bothered by others. Than on top of that we have to tip them! If I wanted to be bothered at dinner time I would of stayed home and had my kids annoy me! just blowing off steam, any bad waitress stories you would like to share, I will listen.
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