Do you think they should have better laws for false advertisers?

@apples99 (6564)
United States
April 15, 2009 1:31pm CST
There's a lot of false advertising everywhere like on TV and Internet even in the newspaper, dont you think that law makers should create stiffer penalties for people who falsely advertise things, I think that a lot of good people have been victims of false advertising, even me, thats why I'm always sceptical about things, and I often second guess things because theres so many scammers out there, and people who are just out to take advantage of others by making false clams, and I think they should make better laws to protect consumers especially if theres money involved because no one should be allowed to sucker some poor person out of there hard earned money, and a lot of these scams begin with a false advertisement and nothing seems to change I still see lots of things on TV and Internet that is very questionable. I think the law makers should implement some sort of consumer test before a person is allowed to advertise certain things the advertisers should be made to prove there clames before they can advertising them, just for certain things like Internet programs and products that are sold through TV commercials and the should then be given a seal of approval if whatever they are trying to sale passes the consumer test and if it dosent pass of course that person shouldn't be allowed to list it or advertise it. What do you all think do you agree?
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