Have you ever had a shopping nightmare turn out GOOD! I have!!!

United States
April 15, 2009 1:50pm CST
Bob bought me a beautiful amethyst tennis bracelet for Christmas. I had worn the bracelet twice and one of the stones fell out. I didn't even have time to get it appraised. Luckily we had the replacement warranty on it. Took it back to the store on December 29th. Picked up the bracelet on New Year's Eve. Wore it out to dinner and couldn't undo the clasp. Bob was helping me and a stone popped out. New Year's Day The warranty will cover putting the stone back in but to get a different clasp I need to get an estimate. I am going to wait and see what the estimate is and then I might have to talk to Zales corporate. Why should I have to pay to replace a clasp that doesn't work correctly? January - February 2009 back and forth saga We explored putting a different clasp on it but they wanted $260 to replace the clasp. That it was Bob paid for the bracelet, back at Christmas time. When the called us to give us the estimate, someone put the clasp back in the will call bin and I had to call during the middle of February to find out what was going on with it. They were putting a rush on it to replace the stone and the clasp that included a safety catch. March 16, 2009 Wore the amethyst bracelet yesterday that Bob gave me for Christmas. While I was cooking dinner I suddenly realized it wasn't on my wrist. Naturally, Kristina and I ran to the library and Aldi's after school. Called the library, they hadn't seen it. Couldn't get the number of Aldi's from directory assistance, they only had the corporate number. So I ran there, talk to the gals. They hadn't seen it and one did sweep after I left. I did re-trace my foot steps and looked at the items that I picked up. Ran up to school and one of the evening custodians was there so he let me in the classroom, it wasn't there. Hoping the pre-K teacher found it and turned it into the office. I even stopped into the library. March 17, 2009 Pre-K teacher didn't find it, neither did the custodian. April 12, 2009 I went out to Zales.com because I am still trying to get my bracelet replaced, that fell off my wrist back on March 16th. Every time I get an email, I look to see how much it is. Well today, I went a little further and wrote a review to be posted for the bracelet and then emailed their customer service department. Basically describing the situation and how it had to be replaced, and then the next one had to be repaired and then I lost it the day I was taking it to get appraised. I also commented that I have bought bracelets from Avon, Target and Walmart for only $20 and have never had them fall off my wrist. Well after submitting my review, I received a $50 discount code. The bracelet was marked down from $350 to $279, so it would be $229 with free Fedex shipping, I casually mentioned it to Bob, never dreaming I would get this type of response. He told me to order it, as long as I don't wear it until it is on the insurance policy. I am so thrilled! I have been trying to save a little bit each week to buy it myself!!! April 13, 2009 Received a phone call from our local Zales store and they are replacing my bracelet for free, and will continue to honor the warranty we have. Woo Hoo. Immediately got online to see if I could cancel my order, no such luck because it was alredy in shipping. Talk about fast turn around time. April 14, 2009 Fed Ex attempted delivery of the bracelet but needed a signature. April 15, 2009 Fed Ex just delivered the bracelet and no sooner had I shut the door and the local store called. The manager has offered to replace the clasp for a lobster claw clasp for $50, not the $260 we were quoted back in January. So we are doing that! Now all I have to do is return the one we paid for. I will return it to a different Zales because the situation is a little awkward. See what writing a nice and polite email can do for you!!! Zales has a customer for life. Once the entire situation is taken care of, I will be writing them a letter not an email, thanking them for their wonderful customer service!
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• India
16 Apr 09
Your situation is very typical in itself. If you think that you get satisfaction from this then it is ok otherwise you should need to do some action.