Friend Has Too Much Drama & I'm Sick Of Hearing It - What Do I Do?

United States
April 15, 2009 2:31pm CST
I went to school with this girl (20 yrs ago) back then no one liked her or wanted to be with her b/c of the way she is (loud, obnoxious, rude,.... she hasn't changed). She found me a few years ago online. She seems to follow me around online day & night & all she does is complain all day & night about all the drama in her life. Such as her so called friends treating her badly, her 18 year old daughter moving out & spreading lies & rumors & treating her badly,...I give her my opinion & how to handle it. She says she tries but it's so hard to do what she KNOWS she needs to do. She says she's 'over it' yet a few minutes later is back at talking about all the drama, boo hooing . I am sooo sick of hearing it, same old same old & without her taking any advice. She says all these people need to grow up but in my opinion it is her who needs to, along with the others of course too. I play games online & she follows me into the rooms to private chat & she gets mad at me if I don't answer or I leave the room. Funny thing is I think I found a way to get her to leave me alone for a bit hehe....yesterday was very nice not having to listen to her b/c the night before I went to bed w/o telling her so she got mad at me lol If she's not complaining about them She's complaining of little aches & pains yet all she needs is a little exercise b/c she's overweight & that has a lot to do with them. I'm on disability for painful & can be life threatening health reasons & her little aches & pains she makes them out to be life threatening. She gets a paper cut & she's going on & on for hours about how painful it is. I have my own problems to deal with & family to take care of I don't need all her drama on top of my pretty much peaceful, happy life. I would like to be able to play my online games in peace & do what I do w/o her following me around. I don't sign in to IM b/c of her so other's I do chat with don't even know when I'm on & are always wondering where I'm at. Wow I could go on & on.... What would you say or do? Marlene