can't go back to sleep after breastpumping

April 15, 2009 3:26pm CST
hi all! it is 4:21 am now. i woke up around 3:30am because my 1 month old daughter is demanding her early morning feeding. she does not wake up much during the night, sometimes just once, sometimes, none at all. we are so blessed that she really considers night as night and she is active during the day. she has established a sleep pattern much like an adult. when she feeds during this times, she is not fussy and it does not take much to make her full, as she will go back to sleep almost immediately. anyway, after her feeding though, i have to pump my breasts. i don;t have much milk yet and my baby sleeps when she feeds on my milk, maybe because she gets tired sucking, so i am not sure how much milk she gets from me. i find it efficient, or at least effective, to pump my milk in order to know the exact volume of milk that i extract and that she consumes. then in between, i supplement with formula as my milk production could not catch up on her needs. but whenever i pump my breasts, i could no longer go back to sleep. that is why i opt to work or post in the internet forums to make my time worthwhile. at the same time, this is the only time that i can work uninterrupted. my husband and my baby are fast asleep now. i bless them. so maybe, later today, i can catch up on some sleep. take care all and God bless you! happy mylotting! :D
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