baby is choosy on who will put her to sleep at night

April 15, 2009 3:46pm CST
hi all! my husband usually puts our baby to sleep at night. i dunno, she seems to sleep soundly when it is my husband who lulls her to sleep. i can make her sleep during the day, but at night, she will sleep a bit and when i put her down, she will wake up again and again until it is her dad who does it. but tonight was different. she wouldn;t sleep while her dad lulled her. her eyes were wide open and no sign of sleep impending. but when my husband gave her to me, she immediately closed her eyes when i put her on my chest and hugged her--her favorite sleeping position. then we realized, she wanted her dad to put her to sleep at night when it is i who would take care of her most of the day. but since yesterday, i got so busy and she was with her dad most of the time, she probably longed to have me all to herself. so she wouldn't sleep until she got the dose of caring that she wanted from me. i think this is God's wisdom telling us what to do and what not to do for our baby. i have prayed hard because sometimes it gets frustrating when the baby fusses and cries and cries and we do not know the reason and the we do not know what to do. we thank God for His wisdom because He is teaching us how to take care of our baby best. well, He knows better than us. He knows best and i acknowledge that and praise Him for His wisdom. :D take care all and God bless you! happy mylotting! :D
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@cherriemae (3374)
• Philippines
17 Apr 09
hello friend..i usually put my baby to sleep at night.. i have work so, my mother puts my baby in day time..she chooses me most of the time when she wanted to go to sleep, and it's my responsibility as a mother to take care of her..i love putting her to bed with me, we talk anything, she asks anything until the time she closes her eyes and i end up kissing her and hugging her so tight.. happy mylotting.. and God Bless