Learn to coexist

Coexist - We have to learn to coexist. We are different be we are all humans.
@roboid (205)
April 15, 2009 11:51pm CST
"Coexist" is a concepted that I've met while surfing on deviantart. Artists used this sign in many artworks. The sign represents the muslims, jews and christians. Those are just for example. This is a way to say that people must coexist and accept the coexistance. We are all humans even if we have different religions, and even if we are different in many ways. This sign it is not all about religion. I also wants to eliminate racism or any other offense people will make just because they are different. If you don't love the people aroun you, that doesn't mean that you haveto hate them. Learn to coexist. What do you think? Do you coexist?
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