did you buy e-books online?

@rocketsky (1014)
April 16, 2009 12:12am CST
many site are selling e-books,which teach you how to be a good writer online . they all promised if you buy these books ,and follow these instructions step by step,you will get paid quickly. mant people bought ,but i dont .what do you think of it ?
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@youless (94336)
• Guangzhou, China
17 Apr 09
Yes, I tried to buy some e-books via the net. As I can't buy them as the original books, therefore, e-books is another option. I love China
@ruilong (158)
• China
17 Apr 09
I often choose some free e-books:) I like books about history,geogeraphy or knight-errant.
@happy2009 (330)
• China
17 Apr 09
I never done this .firstly i don't want read books on the computer,and if need ,i just find some site where can download,and never paid for it .
@eshaan (6193)
• India
17 Apr 09
i think writing is the quality which comes inbuilt in you and no one can teach you how to be a good writer, if you have interest, just keep writing and you will se how wonderful writer you become one day.
@abuelin (106)
• Chile
16 Apr 09
Nop , i don't have money and if i want to read some book i go to a good site and download them .
• United States
16 Apr 09
I have run across these sites and it is empty promise. Because the one fact that they can not know is how the person buying them is going to use them. Personally I would not buy them because you can find out all kinds of the same information that these Ebooks are selling free on the internet.