Is Indian cinema going too far?

November 11, 2006 4:54am CST
Running around trees, eve teasing, tricking girls/guys into falling in love, fights in every third scene and extremely gory forms of murder, smoking and drinking, rowdyism, vulgar and explicit lyrics for songs, wearing hardly any clothes for songs, and dance gyrations that are sexy in the extreme. This is going from bad to worse. Are we not corrupting young minds? In other countries, including the USA, there is a screening of channels that are allowed in general and, infact, many of our movies/songs could be classified as adult content in those countries. Don't you think, that, as civilised people, we too need to draw the line somewhere?
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• India
11 Nov 06
Yes I feel it is. While we cannot stop the production of such movies because of public demand (those who have nothing better to do), I feel we should screen stuff that our children watch.