Is GOOGLE a scam also?

April 16, 2009 6:55am CST
Today I found that my google adsense had been disabled by google team. I dont know what is happening with it? I have been spent a long time publishing the adsense in my blog. And another $50 i will earn $100. I do not make any invalid clicks on it. I do not let my friends noe about my current blog because 1 of my fren had faced this problem due to invalid click. Thus, I know rush work is not work! Yet, I still face this problem. Haiz..I had no more energetic to spend my time on online earning d. 1st is Ciao. 2nd is Google. Today is 16th May. The money I earned from Ciao shud be sent to me today. When I checked from Paypal, the balance stil the same. No any new transaction. I am so disappointed with it. ALthough there is a news that Ciao is not allow Asian to join. But last time Asian earnings, dont you think should be paid out without using this reason?
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