What is you feeling when you look at orphans?

@cudamani (998)
April 16, 2009 7:06am CST
Once I walked into an orphanage and I found many of them. My heart wept for them. How miserable one would feel if one loses the parents at a youg age. It is the biggest challenge of life. We are very sure that God will be with them all through their life and every orphan will come out with flying colours.
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• China
16 Apr 09
that's the sad time for me if i have a chance to go an orphanage. i would have symphaty on them and more cherish my life with my family.we are lucky that we have parents and sisters and we lived happily. so if we can,we can help them in everyway.
• India
16 Apr 09
ya i also fell bad for orphans , well because my parents never loved me .and i always felt so lonely in my own house . so now when ever i see a orphan i try to help them with what ever i can do .well i have now decided that when i will grow up i will open my own orphanage in which i will provide the best facilities to those small kids.
@sandymay16 (1619)
• Philippines
16 Apr 09
The feeling of be mixed emotions. Thankful that your not an orphan but somehow an empathy towards them. I have worked in an orphanage before and life there for the kids are hard in the sense that they don't have real parents only houseparents where attention for each child is limited. but orphanages are making sure the atmosphere is sort of normal. these orphans go to school and taught to be strong, etc so they can face the challenges of the outside world.