how can i make my good firend get out of the shadow of losting love?

@owntuilp (422)
April 16, 2009 7:08am CST
some days ago,i chatted with my good firend online,who talked to me sha had break up with her boy firend,as they are living in two different cities, at present.and then ,in the recent 2 years they are dont live together.i can understand the long distance is real exist between them,other wise,one of them is working now and other is studying in college,so her boyfirend thought they cant get the final happiness,because of those,he choiced give up their love. in a word ,it is had make my firend so sad and despaire.every day i met her online ,she always want to cry and memory the past day they are loving each other,at noon,she told me that she will go the city his boyfirend is living now ( the city is so far away ),i real warry about her go there single one when she is not so good at present ,but i dont do anything to help her go out of this situation,i real want to get a way to make my firend sight the sight the hope light of life,do you give me some good idea or opinion,thank you very much.
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