Is You Know Your Woman

April 16, 2009 11:12pm CST
Here, I want to put question for everybody which is that what is the need of an woman. Is you can say completely that you know your woma. Understanding woman is itself is typical task. Is anybody in this world can know woman. Is anybody know what is the need of woman. Is anybody know how you can please your woman. Woman is very mysterious creatures in itself. Even when you are in loveyou wan't to give her love. But in these case you will feel difficulty in understanding her. So how you can understand your woman. How you can know what is going inside his mind. How you can know what is the ultimate need of woman. Share here your opinion about understanding any woman. Either as friend or as spouse.
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• Philippines
17 Apr 09
I don't understand it also, hehheheh but I admire you for making your thoughts into words even others can't understand it clearly but at least you tried..
• India
17 Apr 09
Then how can you fulfill his needs if you don't know him. How can you think what is right and what is wrong for him.
@tepitenio (119)
• Israel
17 Apr 09
I don't understand your question, and sincerely I would recommend you reorganize your thinking and your English, because it is very hard to understand. Also, I would recommend you to ask a direct question, not three or four different questions because people don't want to write complicated. I hope you do not get mad at me, I gave you advices to improve you. Happy Mylotting!
• India
18 Apr 09
I just ask the question that " is you know or understand your spouse". If you don't have spouse then question is is you understand your sister or your mother. Apart from that I am working on improving my English as well.