Do you learn more when you study alone or when you are with a group?

@annierose (3211)
April 17, 2009 1:44am CST
In relation with my study habits before, I prefer to be alone.I usually stays in my room with all my notebooks and books everywhere.I can say that I am the type of person who is a lover of books. I very much love learning and it is really a great pleasure for me when during my reading, I learned something. But when I stepped into college, our university opens more opportunities for me in the field of learning.Our professors usually groups us whenever they will give us some activities. Based on my experiences, I can say that group learning is better for me rather than studying alone. With the so called "group learning" or "collaborative learning" it enhances more not only my intellectual skills and creative but also my social skills. With my experiences in my studies, I can really say that "Two heads are better than one". However, I know that people of different ages have different perspectives in learning. While in myself, I can say that I learn more with a group, others can say that they learn more when they study alone. How about you? What is your opinion on this one?