karaoke downloads from the computer guide

August 26, 2006 9:58pm CST
I have to unzip the files in the mirc-mod4 and then restore windows explorer and to to your new C:\mirc-mod4 folder and then I have to scroll the listings on the right and right click the mirc.exe file select send to Desktop (create a shortcut) as show here: it is a table with all the files in the mirc-mod4 folder and while I am in the mirc-mod4 folder double click the mirc.reg file and click yes well I don't seem to get this right when I go to do these steps. I paid to have this program downloaded to my computer from the computer Karaoke Guide and I am having problems with down loading it the way they say to because I have to go to desktop and download some of these things on the desktop even and some of them aren't going to the desktop like they should and I would like to know what I am doing wrong and if you could help me on this downloading of karaoke program.
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