Your opinion, should girl still work even if she has family?

April 17, 2009 8:57am CST
Nowadays woman are working even if she is married. And man now are really expecting that his partner will work and share with the expenses. So what is your opinion about this? For me, woman should really be working. Why? I don't want to always depend on my husband. For example, i want to go shopping or to go out for fun, i don't want to ask money from my husband. I don't want to burden my husband for my luxury. And also to share to our expenses. Of course you will be asking, what about the kids, who will take care of them. It will be practical if you get a nanny than you being nanny. For example, you will be paid 12000$, nanny will be paid 2000$, you still have 10,000$ additional to the money that your husband are earning. But if you will be the nanny, 12,000$ is a big amount of money to be added to the household income. The only thing that you make sure is that at the end of the day and before you go to sleep you have time for your kids.