Andrea needs to go(Hells Kitchen)

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April 17, 2009 9:26am CST
She was horrible last night. She turned the stove down cause she kept burning stuff and then she sent raw fish out! I couldn't believe that Chef Rasmey gave her immunity. I felt bad for Robert but Im glad that he found out what was wrong with him and I hope he gets better. Im routing for Paula or Danny to win. What about you!!
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17 Apr 09
if she hadn't had that immunity,i'm sure she would have been canned last night. she comes across as an uppity little snot to me.doesn't think twice about pointing fingers at the other contestants either. i'm not sure who i like of the remainder yet.
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17 Apr 09
I agree she does come across as uppity. Thanks for repsonding.
@Darkwing (21588)
27 Apr 09
I never have liked Andrea, even from before she got on Hell's Kitchen. She's selfish and self-opinionated and at times, can be very rude and tiresome... and that's all besides her inability to cook properly. I tired of watching it because I dislike her to much! Brightest Blessings.
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19 Apr 09
I hate the fact that he gave her immunity to begin with. He said it himself it had to be someone he thought would do well since all 3 were basically tied and she won't. That obviously showed. Its like as soon as she gets pressure on her everything goes downhill for her. I hated seeing Robert go. He had a ton of potential but hopefully he gets better to where he will be able to make it successful either way in the business. I want Paula to win.