Why do they cover men's privates in the movies but not the women's?

Hong Kong
April 17, 2009 11:29am CST
I think women's body is a work of art but men's are just a chest full of hair and they have a banana betweet their legs.
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@Amberina (1541)
• United States
17 Apr 09
I've been asking this question for years and for some reason they never show the front and you wanna know what I think is that men have this mine-is-bigger-than-yours thing with their "bananas" and I think if men started showing them off on tv then other men working around it would feel they have less "banana" than the man on tv or they might feel their women might go for the bigger "banana"? lol.
• Hong Kong
17 Apr 09
What about women?They show off their chests too.Don't you think the same thing will apply?Anyhow,according my experience,men do go for bigger chests. :