How way earning money zero investment?

April 17, 2009 12:10pm CST
At internet very much info how earn and find money,either free or must be paid. we problem,we do not know if the bidding programs/site fraud or not. for that,anyone who already know and have proof payment from that programs/site or if there is to know how the tips and tricks it? please,share here. priority free and without investment.
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• India
17 Apr 09
According to me you should use only methods that are free to earn money type. I.e. don't signup for such programs that will want you to invest a certain amount of money before the payback you most probably they are fake. First of all you should signup at neobux which is a good website. This is the only program that still pays. Do a lot of mylotting and have fun here. You can also start a website of make your own blog and you can earn money from them. welcome to mylot community
• Indonesia
17 Apr 09
Thanks for your welcome. your idea is good. whats with make blog can quickly for earn money? not take long? how long time it a blog can make money?
@arkasen (748)
• India
23 Apr 09
Most of the earning sites of the internet are big big scam. You work for them and they will not pay you. Always try to make sure that the site is paying before joining it. I have done lots of research work on this things and got some legit site from where I am earning. They are not scam they will pay you. If you are interested in making money in money using my ways then you add me as friend and the PM me for the link. I will send you. That's not all if you join under me then I will also teach you how to earn more from those site. They are all simple site and you don't have to do any complicated work. Best of luck. Keep mylotting.
• Philippines
19 Apr 09
earning money always asks for some form of investment.if you do not have money, then you could invest your time or energy and creative ideas for it.there are a lot of people who succeed in businesses without investing money.i guess there are millions of alternatives