Do you believe it is Nature or Nurture for humans????

United States
April 17, 2009 4:24pm CST
I believe it is nature of humans & not so much nurture. My moms friends raised her kids very well. She was just as wonderful a mother as my own mother. But after her children got grown they all turned out not so well. So I believe it is more so nature than it is nurture. I believe we inherit more of our characteristics from our ancestors other than how we are cuddled as children. My daddy when he was a young boy his grandmother would get angry with him and shoot the rifle at him as he ran through the corn fields when she got drunk. But my daddy is the greatest daddy in the world. So I believe he inherited his disposition from his grandfather. He said his grandfather treated him like he was his son. But my daddy grandfather died when my daddy was 12 years old. My daddy was raised by his grandparents in the 1930's. He was raised on a farm.
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@eshaan (6193)
• India
18 Apr 09
i agree with u friend that though the mothers try their best to grow up their children lovingly and with great care, some of the things are inherited andits not necessary that ur children will become what and how you want them to be, its the conditions, also the environment, in which they are brought up and many many other things that influence the human character.