the good standard of a daycare

@willy6 (492)
April 17, 2009 8:04pm CST
Before sending ones child into the service, inquiry is the first and foremost step. Make sure one find our the good child day care center, because a lot of people is setting up daycare and dont meet the requirement. Ask friends relatives and neighbors, make sure that it satisfied all the requirements necessary for your child or not. Make sure that the timing is checked out, that it is suitable and convenient. One should make sure that it is safe and comfortable and have all the necessary facilities. It is very important to find out these things that our children can be safe and well protected
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19 Jan 12
I am afraid of these facilities because my son was abandoned at school by one of the workers. The worker was a lady, and she left my son at school. That was so scary. I took him straight out, and I never looked back.
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3 Sep 09
I worked at a fairly good daycare center where our supervisor was excellent; the play area for the facility was not as safe for the children as they had to cross an alley that allowed 18-wheelers to travel down as they were stopping and making deliveries of their goods. This always upset me especially when I was in charge of the toddlers who could just barely walk and hold on to a rope to cross that area. This would also be something that I would note about a prospective daycare for my children or grandchildren.