What the heck is that funky smell in Gary, Indiana?

United States
April 17, 2009 8:06pm CST
Me, my wife and kids recently went on a two day trip to Chicago, Illinois and we had a blast. Except one thing... GARY INDIANA. We had to go through this stinkhole on the way there and unfortunately on the way back. Let me tell you what. The thick Chicago smog was a welcome mat, compared to this place. It smelled like sulfer, sweaty feet, and BUTT. The stench was horrible. I saw tons of smokestacks, but what the hell is coming out of them to make that smell. I think Obama should be more aware of this, considering he lived around the corner from this mephitic mass that is called Gary Indiana. Why does'nt he "Get Tough" on the "Get Green" innitiatives? Anyone know what that foul smell is, and does anyone think Obama is ignoring that issue?
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