Night Dream Is Good But Day Dream Is Ver Bad

April 18, 2009 12:29am CST
As we all know any action or any plan start from dream only. Dream is good but we should be careful about timing of dream. If everytime we are seeing only dream and doing nothing then it is very disastrous activity for us. Proper action plan is more neccessary then any type of dream. Dream is good only for particular period of time. Since daytime is reserved for our action or for our workout plan. If we are seeing dream even in our daytime then it is not good for our career and for our coming time as well. We should need to be more focus on our action rather then on our dream. Dream is only state of conscious mind. We should need not to think more about this. It is only one part of total workout plan. Dream is for starting any new thing but aprt from that there is nothing good in seein new dream. So share here your opinion about dream and action paln.
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